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Our Facilities

At The Intelli MiniMinds, we cultivate an environment where every child can thrive and feel happy, creative, mindful, and ignited. Our Early Learning Center, brought to you by the Intelli School is designed to provide a foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Intelli MiniMinds strives to help your child achieve their unlimited potential by combining traditional values with innovative teaching methods.

Some Of Our World-class Facilities Include

Smart Class Rooms

 For interactive and
engaging learning

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1223 1.png

Art & Music

Nurturing all forms
of creativity

Halloween Pack 1 1.png

Sports Complex

Encouraging holistic

1227 1.png

Outdoor Learning

Versatile modes
of teaching

1233 1.png


A dedicated, safe,
and hygienic play area

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Sensory Learning

To aid in cognitive

Mission, Vision & Motto

Rocket 1.png


To provide a stimulating learning environment that maximizes individual

Magnifying-Glass 1.png


To provide a stimulating learning environment that maximizes individual

Target 1.png


Ensuring a Happy, Creative, Mindful, and Ignited experience for every child.

The Intelli MiniMinds

The Intelli MiniMinds Curriculum

Experiential Learning

The Intelli MiniMinds Linguistics

Language and Literacy 

Socioemotional Development 

Cultural Development 

Sense of Community and Fundamental Values 

Our Programs

The Intelli MiniMinds blends Cambridge and CBSE methods, offering a flexible curriculum that encourages intuitive thinking and interactive learning for every child.

1.2 - 2.6


Playgroup Junior

Activities create a foundation for social, emotional, and early language development

1.7 - 2.7


Playgroup Senior

Build upon the basics for advanced emotional and physical development

2.7 - 3.7



Children explore novel numerical concepts and focus on mastering their native language

3.7 - 5.7



Advanced language, reading, and maths skills are paired with fun socioemotional and physical activities for complete personal development

Extra Features

1241 1 (1).png

Expansive Library

Health Checkup 1.png

Periodic Health Assessments

Online Course 1.png

Workshops and Seminars for Parents

Holding the plant 1.png

Environmental Initiatives e.g. Organic Farming


About The Intelli School

The Intelli MiniMinds, an initiative by Intelli School, redefines early childhood education with an innovative blend of interactive global learning. Our Early Learning Centre goes beyond conventional educational theories for well-rounded development - emotional, physical, sociocultural, and intellectual.

Our collaborative and experiential environment aims to instill purpose and ideals, to create and build responsible global citizens. With a skilled staff merging pedagogical expertise and core values, we ensure a fulfilling journey for your child at The Intelli MiniMinds. 


A Dive Into The Action

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  • What is the best age to start preschool?
    The ideal age to start preschool can vary, but many recommend that children should start early, as children’s brain development is most heightened from 0-5 years of age. The Intelli MiniMinds offers 4 types of programs, ideal for different age brackets: Playgroup, Nursery, Kindergarten I & II, Grade I and Grade II. It’s always a good idea for children to engage in structured activities that are developmentally appropriate for their age.
  • What is the difference between play school and preschool?
    While these terms are often used interchangeably, play schools are generally referenced in terms of an informal and more play-based learning environment, whereas preschool offers a more structured and educational approach that prepares a child for formal schooling.
  • Why should I enroll my child in a preschool?
    Enrolling your child in a preschool can offer a plethora of benefits, both for the child and the parent. Preschool provides children with a structured and stimulating environment that helps them learn socialization skills, independence, and language skills, and ensures emotional and cognitive development.
  • Is The Intelli MiniMinds safe and secure for my child?
    Inheriting Intelli School’s strict safety protocols, The Intelli MiniMinds prioritizes your child’s safety and security. With 24/7 CCTV surveillance, rigorous staff checks, and proximity to hospitals, we ensure a safe environment. Additionally when travelling, a female staff member accompanies the children. Our ‘The Intelli MiniMinds Safe Haven’ zones feature child-proof facilities, trained security personnel, and emergency response plans.
  • What is the fee structure for The Intelli MiniMinds?
    To obtain the latest details on our fee structure, kindly reach out to our Admissions Centre.
  • Does The Intelli MiniMinds offer daycare?
    Yes, The Intelli MiniMinds offers a safe and secure daycare facility for all working parents! We aim to provide children with a home away from home. We offer: - Extended time and support - Scheduled activities for all children - Flexible timings to accommodate working parents - Supervision by qualified and compassionate caregivers
  • Does The Intelli MiniMinds provide transportation?
    Yes! Our ‘The Intelli MiniMinds On-the-Go’ transport service offers pickup and drop for every child, and promises the following features: - GPS-enabled buses for live tracking - Expert drivers and attendants - Child-safe seats - Emergency contact numbers
  • Where is The Intelli MiniMinds located?
    We are located in Daspalla Hills, Visakhapatnam.
  • What is the admission process like?
    Similar to Intelli School, our admission process is straightforward and transparent. Prospective parents can enquire online or visit our Admissions Centre.
  • How do I contact The Intelli MiniMinds?
    Call us at +91 9177 303 300, or reach out to us by submitting a query above! You can also email us at
MiniMinds 1.png


+91 9177 303 300 


Road No.3, Daspalla Hills.

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