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Middle School

The students have a thirst for learning and they absorb it all under the guidance of outstanding faculty marking and aim for impeccable standards.

The Middle School Curriculum at Intelli is one-of-its-kind which merges seamlessly with the CBSE boards. Till grade 6 we offer a unique curriculum and from grade 7 onwards the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the culminating Board examination.

The focus of the Middle School curriculum is to connect the theory taught to the practical experience outside, as well as with in the classroom in the form of an activity.

This is done by balancing the content as well as the conceptual understanding of learners. The learning outcomes are taken care in the form of repeated worksheets on the respective topics. Moreover, integrated and interdisciplinary approaches are generously adopted wherever appropriate, in order to establish a link between separate subjects taught in the Middle School.


Intelli classroom feeds the child’s insatiable appetite for learning, offering boundless opportunities to build their own knowledge within a collaborative community. Our well-trained teachers support students’ growth as a storyteller, imagination – sparkers, and ethical compasses to provide the child with the keys to explore the universe.

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