Primary Years


The Curriculum follows a thematic approach, where all the subjects draw the progression of learning from an integrated approach by making learning  a continuous process through different activities.

We provide a balanced educational programme within a safe and stimulating environment, so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. Intelli thus offers a comprehensive and a balanced curriculum which is designed to make learning enjoyable, activity-based and experimental, preparing every student for higher challenges. During these important years, the focus is both on the curriculum as well as on the development of intricate skills like critical thinking, solving real life issues while developing independence and wisdom.

Student-friendly educational aids are used to promote self-learning and facilitate each child to study according to his or her propensity and skill.

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A variety of extra-curricular activities including visual and performing arts, music, yoga, physical education and inter-school competitions are a part of the school’s syllabus to complement formal learning.

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