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Early Years


Our Young Pre classroom is for ages 2+. This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, that are gaining independence, and developing their social skills through play.

Intelli School aims to create a calm, child-centered learning environment with an emphasis on personal responsibility. Children are encouraged to take care of their own belongings and personal needs, such as cleaning up and trying out daily chores at home as well. Schools aim to foster a healthy self-esteem and sense of independence, allowing children to make their own choices and teaching them basic skills.

Learning moves from concrete to abstract, from the big picture to small. The child makes the connection or abstraction when he or she is ready. Intelli teachers at preschool serve primarily as facilitators to discovery rather giving direct instructions. The teacher makes a connection between the learning objectives and the children.

The classroom is very structured in its design and in how a lesson is taught. However, the child is given the freedom to learn how to make choices and do work that is engaging him or her. Lesson plans revolve helping children reach milestones with confidence and also foster fine motor and gross motor skill development.

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Intelli classroom feeds the child’s insatiable appetite for learning, offering boundless opportunities to build their own knowledge within a collaborative community. Our well trained teachers support student’s growth as a storyteller, imagination – sparker, and ethical compass to provide the child with the keys to explore the universe.

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