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Secondary School

These students are the reflection of the learnings at Intelli wherein they hold each responsibility mindfully representing the school.

The Senior grades are 9th and 10th  are board nearing classes and we make sure that grade 9 itself is made ready to take it up smoothly in grade 10. The syllabus is accomplished on time post and revision with a pool of worksheets and mocks following.


Every student understood and was given special attention and their fun hours are also not compromised. Time-to-time sessions by pioneers in the education field are taken up for these kids to understand the entire system well and clarify their doubts.


Handhold support is assured to every kid where he/she does not panic and flourishes in surroundings of happy and stress-free learning process. We are happy to announce the launch of grade 11 as well for this academic year (2023-24). 


Intelli classroom feeds the child’s insatiable appetite for learning, offering boundless opportunities to build their own knowledge within a collaborative community. Our well trained teachers support student’s growth as a storyteller, imagination – sparker, and ethical compass to provide the child with the keys to explore the universe.

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