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Importance of classroom interaction

Online classes are great way to engage and continue learning. However, students will hesitate to take part in classroom conversations and interactions. Interaction is especially important in the classroom activity. Teaching is a profession that demands ample of time dedicated to personal interaction. This blog aims to help students and parents understand the different types of interaction which will explain the benefit of classroom interaction, roadblocks and how to overcome it.

Importance of classroom interaction | Best CBSE Schools in Visakhapatnam
Importance of classroom interaction

There are various kinds of interactions that happen in a classroom. It increases the likelihood of building strong relationships that will endure over long period of time. They are:

  • Teacher-student

  • Student-student

  • Student-teacher

It is not difficult to keep executing these kinds of communications during online classes. Teacher student interaction, however predominant, need not be the solitary sort of interaction to continue in the classroom. You many observe that teachers pair students in groups for tasks and assignments. These are opportunities to know each other and learn from one another.

Benefits of classroom interaction

Encourages, self-motivation, and self-esteem: When children take part in a classroom activity or conversation, they may feel encouraged to explore further. This practice is valuable to build kids self-confidence.

Peer Assistance: Student-to-student classroom interaction may vary. Classroom interactions assist a kid with learning, explain questions, and take an interest at a subject from a different perspective.

Asking questions can lead to better understanding: There is nothing known as silly question. Asking questions to teachers will empower the kid to understand the topic better. Teachers should encourage students to ask questions as it will help them gauge their level of understanding.

Classroom environment creates enthusiastic learning process: Nobody prefers a dull environment. Learning should be entertaining! The more you take part in classroom activity, the better you can learn, and this attitude can help create a dynamic learning climate.

The relationships of teachers and students’ impact on a student’s self-confidence and enhance their skills. However, there are few roadblocks which students go through and need to overcome them.

Barriers and how you can overcome them

Hesitation: Does your kid wonder whether to talk in class or ask any questions to teacher? Teachers are available to guide the students. Asking questions always clarifies any doubts.

Active participation: Classroom is a spot to learn and if all the students actively participate, teachers feel enthusiastic to teach. This will create a pleasant learning space.

Building friendships: Students start to trust and build bonds with each other through interaction. This will further help in developing strong bond in future.

Another way to approach and engage with teachers is to suggest them for various activities like group activities, hands-on-activities, etc. Intelli School welcomes such ideas to create a friendly environment between teachers and students.

Virtual or online learning may be difficult at times. Here, both the students and teachers play a significant role on how learning can improve. Though the curriculum directs the boat of learning, together you can make it really fascinating. For example, if students respond excitedly during online classes, teachers will be motivated to keep on finding innovative methods of teaching and keeping up this energy.

Intelli school creates an engaging learning environment in a traditional and virtual classroom where students are encouraged to read, talk and discuss. Student and Teacher interactions play a vital role for the improvement of the students’ academic self-concept and enhancing their enthusiasm and achievements.

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