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Hybrid learning trends for schools

“One should step out of their comfort zone to make great achievements in life”. The statement could prove to be true many times as people prefer to do hard work than smart work. But our smart generation has smarter ways to achieve their success. Instead of relying on the old and tiresome methods of learning they should be introduced with new and absorbing methods of education such as hybrid learning.

Hybrid learning is a method that strikes a perfect balance between online learning and offline learning in the appropriate ratios which are flexible and student oriented. While many people confuse the concept of hybrid learning with that of blended learning, there is a vast difference in the learning methods that one must notice. While blended learning has online and offline learning in fixed ratios, hybrid learning is focused on the student’s ease and molds itself according to the student.

The method of hybrid learning is quite efficient to have a proper understanding of the topic along with solving real-time problems. This is a method where student could choose their way of learning either offline or online whichever would suit their comfort. There are various benefits of hybrid learning as the student can attend the classes according to their ease and could access the topic beyond traditional classrooms for concept clarity. Through this method students can access a better hands on lab time and also proper time for clarifying their doubts.

While the implementation of hybrid classrooms could be burdensome for the educator, a thorough planning is quite essential for such methods where proper methods of segregation are to be incorporated along with syllabus separation is to be taken care of. Educator’s previous method of tackling the class and engaging them would be an utter failure in such method. The educator has to develop new methods to engage the class where the hybrid learning takes place along with getting the concept right into the student’s brain

There might be a few challenges at the beginning of any task but by working on the issues, perfection could be achieved. Attractive methods like quizzes, seminars and group discussions could increase student engagement in hybrid classroom models and contribute towards student participation. This method is highly useful for students as they could have reach to the subject beyond the classroom.

Through online material and recorded lessons, the student can refer to the concept for multiple number of times till they get a proper understanding. This method could encourage self-learning and also boost concept clarity not only through accessing the provided material but also through researching on the topic which is generally restricted in the traditional learning method. Many technical issues could also be ruled out through this method as the student is free to learn the topic according to their understanding through the various facilities provided through hybrid learning. On the whole, this method of hybrid learning is way better than that of traditional learning due to the various number of benefits and student comfort.

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