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How to make online learning interesting for pre-primary children

It’s quite a difficult task to manage the energetic minds and even harder to get them to sit at one place for a longer period of time for classes that are being conducted in online mode. Their creativity and energy is something that cannot be controlled virtually. But as the situation of covid is uncontrollable, we have no other option but to stay safe at our homes. Necessary precautions are being taken to avoid the loss of academic year of the students. The methods that are currently in action are appropriate for higher classes but few methods prove to be inappropriate for the pre-primary students.

The teachers as well as parents should come coordinate more efficiently to handle the students of lower classes. The teaching hours should be short and parents must properly guide the children to attend the classes. Parent supervision is a necessary aspect that should not be neglected during online classes. The parent must educate the child on the use of online classes and inculcate a sense of respect towards their teachers so that the children would obey their teacher during online lectures instead of fidgeting and ignoring the teacher.

The teachers should try to indulge the students in the topic through involving real-time examples and also few cartoon characters which would create an interest in the student. Along with teaching, teachers should keep asking random questions based on the topic and also maintain a healthy interaction with the students. Also giving them homework should be done in a unique method. Giving them homework in an indulging manner is very necessary where they could include interesting new methods where the homework, instead of being paper work should be in the form of oral representation or in the form of quiz.

Fun activities once a while could create an interest in the student to attend online lectures. Teachers should plan their syllabus accordingly where there should be at least on fun activity per week where the student’s interests lie. Teachers should maintain proper breaks between classes so that the child does not get bored sitting at one place. Through including short breaks between classes, concentration of the student could be improved and understanding could be enhanced. Children should be involved in a game based learning where the student would get a ranking according to their weekly performance which could be evaluated through their homework.

Children should attend the classes with their cameras on so that the teacher could easily monitor the children and their activity. The parents should play a major role in this by monitoring the camera state and also the child from time to time. Teachers should try to maintain a friendly tone which would win the student’s heart and they would be more attentive and responsive instead of fearing and quitting the class. Maintaining a friendly tone could stimulate a liking towards the teacher which would in turn increase the student’s attention in their respective class as the student would want to impress the teacher through their efforts. Also the teacher should try to cheer on the student and try to appreciate them for their small efforts which would motivate them to put in more effort.

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