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Bridging the gap generation and learning teacher and students

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Bridging the gap generation and learning teacher and students

The term ‘Generation Gap’ is used to define the failure in communication between people belonging to different generations. Diversity comes into play here ranging from values and attitudes to technology and language. I

In the classroom, it refers to technological, linguistic or emotional barriers between the two categories of people involved —- teachers or the learning process and the students.

Generation gap reflects a shift in attitude towards the students’ preferences, a change in teaching materials and updated classroom activities. It also entails elements specific to their generation’s linguistic and technological background.

Four ways to bridge this gap:

Concur on objectives and core values

Core values are pivotal when it comes to achieving student success both at school and at home. Some of these aspects include:

Educator relationships

Teachers have an important role in the child’s learning development. Simply put, the teacher is the expert on the curriculum. The involvement of family is crucial. In this reference, it is critical for parents and teachers to communicate effectively and positively before beginning discussions about academics. They should take out the time to plan and consider any challenges or difficulties along the way can make a big impact down the line.

Workout communication strategies

Professional educators should constantly update themselves with current trends and communicate effectively with students and their families. This is the heart of any meaningful relationship.

Forging good relationships with students begins with communications and can carry students through challenging situations in school. This is essential to creating and maintaining high student achievement.

Bridging the gap between is all about making the effort to align student success goals.

Be consistent and fair

While students from all generations value consistency, when it comes to Millennials — they can expect more from faculty in terms of structure and direction.

The faculty should ensure they go over the materials in class and what’s given homework is consistent with the questions that appear on the exam.

Being adept with technology

Remember that millennial students have constant access to technology. You can expect them to carry their cellphones with them everywhere. While you may not encourage the use of cellphone use in the school premises, you are using it for homework and research.

It should be clearly explained to the students that technology can be a boon and bane at the same time. Cite real life examples that help them empathise with the teacher rather than go against.

Blend old and new

Allow yourself to be versatile and blend the old and the new. When you are using modern methods of teaching, do share how things were done old-school. Ideally the principal and faculty should should mix new teachers with veterans across grades or courses.

While it is true that the digital divide encompasses many factors beyond a generation gap between students’, one has to make use of technological tools for learning in their classroom and teachers’ ability to incorporate technology into their pedagogy effectively.

Remember that the teachers cannot just be trained alone to know how to use the technological tools while remaining unable to apply their understanding of how to teach or offer technology to students to independently use it in their classroom.

Modern age education is an instrument which depends on how and why it is used. It’s a two-way street, but the teacher has to take that extra step to bridge this gap.

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