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Aspects schools should focus on post covid

Corona virus has been haunting us for past few years, the strain modifications have forced us to stay indoors in order to save our lives. This is the period when a drastic change in the education system has taken place. There is a shift of classes from traditional method to online method. While this method has plenty of benefits for focused learners, there might be a few disadvantages for the students who find difficulty in focusing. Few students need to be monitored for them to focus properly. Not everyone would be enjoying the experience of online learning as many students could face technical issues while connecting to the classes.

Due to the online classes taking place, few children have progressed in their studies while few have not been doing so well due to the consequences. The lost interest in students towards education should be restored post covid through appropriate strategy planning. As the students would be physically present in classrooms, it would be easy for the educator to monitor their tasks and inculcate a sense of understanding through focus. The educator could come up with new and interesting techniques where they could engage the whole class to boost the understanding and concentration of the student.

During online classes due to the network issues and other factors few students lost their interest in studying as their focus was hampered due to the interruptions and lack of understanding. Certain changes and correct planning could eradicate this problem from its roots. Methods such as flipped learning or hybrid learning could be incorporated to students who have a better focus and offline teaching could help those who are easily distracted. By applying these methods the class understanding could be improved.

Educators should focus on improving student engagement as it is the key to understanding. They should try to plan their lessons accordingly which should be student oriented and try new methods to clearly communicate the topic to the students. Online materials and class recordings should be provided to students that can help them in repeating the topic till they get a proper understanding. Educators should make proper use of technology for smart learning through which students could be more focused and could get a better understanding. Lab times could also be made an opportunity that educators could use to enhance the learning experience. Through practical knowledge, the student would get a clear understanding of the topic and also hands-on projects could motivate the student to think out of the box.

3By adopting new methods of learning such as flipped classrooms, hybrid learning etc., progress in student understanding could be improved. These methods help the students to access the content hassle-free which could promote student interest along with clear understanding. Due to these modern techniques along with proper planning, those students who face issues could also walk towards progress and develop a better understanding with excellence in their academics. We have to upgrade our teaching methods to maintain our standard of education through and post this covid.

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