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Stepping into a fun learning space

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Welcome to Happy, Creative & Ignited World

Today’s world witness technical advancements in the spur of moments and paradigm shifts that happens overnight -essence of education is not just to make the child updated or upgraded in tandem with the dynamics, but to instill a sense of purpose of their existence in among themselves, so that they lead or be part of the mega exercise called ‘Making this earth beautiful’.

We are Intelli

Rising beyond any normalisations and general approaches , we are a happy learning space that believes in igniting creative, joyful and conscious minds.We nurture the kids to become distinct individuals of the society.

What we stand for

We stand for a community that grows equally in all spheres along with marking and making our contributions towards society.We fuel education and conscious learning in our students that make them stand out of any tide of racing towards a common goal.


Setting a culture of Mindful   Generation

The journey of learning unveiled

Exploring is the essence of Intelli’s learning space. From scratch to the ladder top, we encourage each and every child to grow at his/her own pace as every child is really special and unique.

Exceptional Educators

Intelli takes pride in their eclectic team of educators who come to class with extensive, real world experience which is enriched regularly through educational workshops conducted by eminent academicians.

Holistic & Inclusive Development

Learning is an endless process and every bit of it is made so receptive and inclusive at Intelli that it becomes an essential part of an individual's life. This endless journey is taken forward so much  beyond the books and made it an everlasting experience


Conscious learning space from all dimensions

Conscious learning stands for mindful actions and attention towards anything and everything around us. We at Intelli as a community believe in conscious learning for our kids to turn them into global citizens with an inclusive responsibility where they are well indulged in every single activity they do . This consciousness of mind helps in absorption of any kind of information or learning in a clear way.For this conscious turn, the curve has to be on mindfulness that counts as its biggest parameter. We at Intelli take pride in nurturing our kids in such an immersive environment.

“No sanction can stand against ignited minds” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


Why Choose Intelli


Academics and life values go hand in hand

Real Education lies in one’s behavior. At Intelli, we make sure that education imparted to our students comprises every single life value that makes him/her a leader and innovator.


Smart and inviting curriculum for every level

The curriculum is designed in a way to apprehend the requirements of each and every student. This distinctive action plan makes learning smarter and more inviting for our young learners to apprehend


Active two way interaction - NCI

We are open to every feedback from the parent that helps to understand the child more. The same is reciprocated from the school’s end to reflect the transparent picture of the student’s learning process.


Diverse Community

Students from different backgrounds and native areas land on to a common place of wisdom attainment when they altogether become a part of Intelli family. We are bringing solidarity among a diverse community of budding tinkerers

Academic Years

The engaging and inviting curriculum follows a thematic approach where learning is more fun and continuous process

Early Years

Weaving the fabric of happy learning for the early years

Primary Years

Finding our own story of connection with world

Mid Years

Developing Curious and thirst for learning

Senior Years

Developing Curiocity and thirst for learning


Admissions are in   progress for the Year 2024-25

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Make your child a part of Intelli School

Amenities that support the learning space

The classrooms are comfortable and well-equipped with projectors to enable a smart teaching-learning process. The school follows the CBSE syllabus where Sports, Theatre, Arts, Robotics, Dance, and Music are equally a part of the curriculum.



Science Labs

Play pen area

Munchin Area

Art Room

Yoga Room




Intellians who made a difference

WRO (World Robotics Olympiad)

World Robotics Olympiad is the largest Robotics Competition where students need to build and program the robots according to the given theme. Two teams (INTELLI AVENGERS AND INTELLI SPARKS) participated in the same and qualified for Nationals.

Fencing Tournament - State level

"Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what our i-kids are made of."
We are deeply cherished with the winning movement of our i-kids in the district level fencing tournament by attaining third position

Yoga Competition - District level

Intellians, bagged the district level places representing Visakhapatnam.



Your Words Encourage us!

Mr.Sudhir Mulagada expressed his heartfelt joy with these words

Intelli School: Fostering Personal and Academic Growth in a Supportive Environment

Anusha is the happy parent of Sohan Akshay

Nurturing Holistic Development and Academic Progress in Students" by Parent Padmini

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Careers at  Intelli

Let your hidden talents be shown and skills are polished more. Join our team for a marvellous experience where your growth takes an equal upsurge.

We give handheld support to our employees where they are made comfortable and enjoy the working experience.

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