Pollocks Intelli School adheres to international norms of education and promises to provide quality education and all round development to its students. In this academy, a world class setting along with various innovative teaching methodologies gives its students ample scope for scientific thinking and a visionary outlook.

At INTELLI, we adhere to the best practices prescribed by the CIE, CBSE and other affiliating and accreditation bodies. Additionally, to make our teaching child-centric, dynamic, we continuously inherit the best from various teaching approaches. Detailed lesson plan is adhered by all our co-learners (teachers).

As Active Learners, the students at our school are collaborative learners. This gives the children the wide scope to engage themselves take responsibility for learning and become critical thinkers and enable creativity.

Every term consists of three SUBJECT ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES that are assessed through assessments, projects, field trips, worksheets, academic games etc.

We are also in the process of designing distinctive programs to challenge all our students who have the potential to achieve, at a level substantially beyond the rest of their peer group.

At INTELLI, needs of every child is first identified then his/her learning ability is bench marked accordingly differentiated teaching methodology is adapted. Following this, a program of study is specifically designed to focus on the child’s development abilities.

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Project Based Learning

If we recognise that individual students have different ‘intelligences’ it is logical to allow them to develop these different talents through individual projects. Well-organised Primary classes frequently function like this. To take an example from the Secondary curriculum: in a Design-Technology workshop at Pathways 15 students will typically be pursuing 15 different design projects: in electronics, in engineering, in plastics, in architecture…..the potential list is endless. The fact that the project is the student’s own ensures that she/he works with a complete concentration which ensures that she/he remembers what is learned.

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