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About Intelli School

Today’s world witness technical advancements in the spur of moments and paradigm shifts that happens overnight -essence of education is not just to make the child updated or upgraded in tandem with the dynamics, but to instill a sense of purpose of their existence in among themselves, so that they lead or be part of the mega exercise called ‘Making this earth beautiful’.

Taking forward the critical lessons of educating over 8000 students since 1966 through Pollocks School, visionary couple Sandeep and Rajini Chitra has incepted Intelli School. Philosophy of Intelli School is envisioned around simple-yet-profound belief that learning should be a life time trait and if blends with happiness, creativity and mindfulness, the result is a league of ignited minds who carves their own path and make a better world.

Intelli School is built on a sprawling 2.2 acres near Marikavalasa, Madhurawada. With more than 1.5 acre dedicated for outdoor sports, functional training and children play area.  Designed by prominent design thinkers of India, the spaces are in sync and reflects the collaborative and experiential learning methodologies adopted by Intelli.

The school follows CBSE curriculum, but has integrated Happy-Creative-Mindful curriculum into child’s learning journey.   Intelli’s learning journey is supported by a balanced mix of young and experienced co-learners who believes in the growth by mutual learning and effective collaboration.

Our Team

Mr. Sandeep Chitra Director –Administration Intelli School | Top Schools in Visakhapatnam

Mr. Sandeep Chitra

Director –Administration

Intelli School

An institution built on the philosophy of “learning to learn happily and mindfully” can be founded only on the building blocks of tradition and technology. When tradition of a 2000 year old civilization, home to Nalanda, Taxasilaand birth place of four major religions join hand with the technological revolution of the 21st Century, Pollock’s Intelli takes shape. An institution firmly rooted in the belief that humane skills have to be harnessed for the betterment of the society and not just for developing scope for employability.

At Pollock’s Intelli, every learning space is curated ensuring a real world connection. Our mission is to develop human minds that will not only lead the world but also impact the society in the most positive way. Ecologically sensitive, world wise future citizens who are prepared to take on the challenge of an unknown future that awaits them.

Mrs. Rajini Chitra Director – Academic Intelli School | Top Schools in Visakhapatnam

Mrs. Rajini Chitra
Director – Academic
Intelli School

A typical classroom learning experience for learners in our school often revolves around the ‘Why’ of a concept and seldom restricted to the ‘What’. The ground plus three quadrangle layout of our vivid campus provides the ideal learning environment, where inquiry and curiosity are nurtured with the fivesenses. The sight,sound, touch smell and feel of everything that is life and world around, for our learners is simulated through creative and constructive learning methodologies. The instructional activities are designed to motivate learners in ‘doing things’ so that their thinking becomes visible to the facilitators. This allows timely feedback which helps every learner construct knowledge in their own style to achieve the learning goals of the curriculum.  Over years of such exposure, children grow up to love learning and challenge their own abilities lifelong.

Mrs. Sri Latha Director – Operations Intelli School | Top Schools in Visakhapatnam

Mrs. Sri Latha
Director – Operations

Intelli School

Our learners are armed with life skills that they develop in our futuristic classrooms. A learning space which in principle works on ‘peer learning’. Lev Vygotsky, the world renowned soviet psychologist, strongly believed that community plays a central role in the process of ‘making meaning’ of the classroom information. We firmly believe a range of skills that can be developed in the Zone of Proximal Development with teacher facilitation and peer collaboration. Reason why students at Intelli never spend more than 20 minutes sitting in one position. Learning at Pollock’s Intelli completely revolves around “working together, building together, learning together, changing together, and improving together” not just in academics within the walls of the campus but in real life, interacting positively with people who think differently.